#JusticeForMikeBrown in Providence

Got back from the court house a lil’ while ago: all PVD arrestees from last night’s ‪#‎JusticeForMikeBrown action are out of police custody!! Folks are pleading innocent and I’ll have information for further court support soon: one comrade has severely higher charges than the others and there will be specific info about how to stand in solidarity and support his case. I’ll write a full report soon, but for now, what folks really need to know is that at some point in the march a couple hundred people went over the fence across from the police station and shut down rt 95-s in a beautiful act of civil disobedience. Continue reading

A terrifying real-life documentary that feels like a major suspense movie

A Review of Citizen Four, Directed by Laura Poitras

4 ½ stars (out of 5)

Some people have been unconditionally supportive of Edward Snowden and his supposed but technical “crime” of exposing massive government surveillance beyond what anyone could imagine possible. Other (mostly white and older) Americans have felt the exact opposite. Continue reading

Profits Over People (With a Little Help from Their Friends)

Florida is the latest state to have on its November 4 ballot an initiative that would legalize medicinal cannabis sativa (aka marijuana) for people with debilitating medical conditions such as cancer and cerebral palsy. Florida has already legalized the use of Charlotte’s Web for children suffering from epilepsy. A recent poll believes 62% of Floridians will vote for Amendment 2, a slim margin over the 60% needed for passage. [Editor’s note: this piece was written before the election; in the event, the measure failed, with only 57% voting in favor. Advocates vow to continue the struggle.]

Hopefully Florida will not follow corrupt Rhode Island’s path through this process. Continue reading

The Union’s Election Day Dilemma

I had meant to write something about the election before now. But with these candidates, what is there to write? They are all corporate tools. A vote for any of them, even the “less worse”, is nothing more than a vote for more corporate control over Rhode Island’s teachers, parents and students. Continue reading