From the Ashes of the Old

We are pleased to announce the re-launch of, a forum for the left voices in Rhode Island. We intend to report, analyze, and promote class and social struggles in and around our state. While our touchstone is revolutionary Marxism, we welcome contributions from all radical left and revolutionary perspectives. We are staunchly opposed to the Democratic Party from the left, and we see it as the major barrier to the development of an independent expression of working-class politics in Rhode Island and throughout the U.S.

Beyond this basic political task, we have another goal, namely to assess our experiences and develop our ideas on the question of socialist and revolutionary organization. The members of our editorial collective were all members of the International Socialist Organization (Providence Branch) until earlier this year. We do not wish to rehash the past or dwell on bitter lessons—the details of the dénouement of that situation can be found on our sister site, But we do feel an obligation to engage in dialogue on the question, to analyze what has gone wrong with past attempts, to explore other models in other places, and to advance discussion of the question in a comradely and non-sectarian fashion. is run by an Editorial Collective which oversees the general direction of the site and is ultimately responsible for all aspects of its operation. Its decisions are made by majority vote. Managing Editors are chosen from Editorial Collective and manage the day-to-day operation of the website, including the formatting and posting of articles, with assistance from other editors as needed. They are recallable by the Editorial Collective. Submissions to must be approved by two editors, at least one of whom must be a Managing Editor, prior to publication. Submissions of a potentially controversial nature will be reviewed and approved by the Editorial Collective at its regular meetings.

All submissions for publication should be sent to

Editorial Collective:

Brian C
Chris Ma
Chris Mu
Greg M
Jim D
Josh K
Mary R
Paul H
Renae C
Susan O

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