Occupy and the ISO

Editor’s note: the following piece was written in January 2014, in the midst of the factional fight inside the International Socialist Organization (ISO), to which the members of the RISocialism.org editorial collective belonged at the time. This piece was meant as a contribution to the work of the ISO Renewal Faction, though it was not published during the period of the faction fight. The faction was expelled from the ISO in February 2014; the documents of that struggle, however, are still available on externalbulletin.org. Though the internal organizational suggestions are now obsolete, we nonetheless believe that the points raised are still salient, and thus have decided to publish this piece. Continue reading

Remembering Occupy

A review of Occupying Wall Street, The Inside Story of an Action that Changed America, by Writers for the 99%.

Three years ago this fall, an intrepid group of 100 young people set up camp at an obscure park near Wall Street in downtown Manhattan. Out of this modest beginning, a great social protest movement was born. It was called Occupy Wall Street and would soon spread across the US and the World.

Occupying Wall Street, The Inside Story of an Action that Changed America tells that story. It includes a detailed account of the experiences of OWS at Zucotti Park, with stories from other cities intertwined in the narrative. Continue reading